Welcome to Business Information Systems Department

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - Babeş-Bolyai University - Cluj-Napoca

Business Information Systems Department offers to its students advanced knowledge in the field of IT&C technologies applied in business. The graduates students will be prepared to be hired in business positions as well as in the IT&C job positions. Our students have good knowledge in the economics and business field and a solid background in computer science.

As Information Technology has a continuous development worldwide and in Romania, our country has a good foundation and tradition for this domain regarding the fact that several western European countries like France or Austria adopted this kind of study programs only after 2000.

Nowadays our students are easily integrated in the labor market with a percentage of near 100% of job enrollment after graduation. Interdisciplinary nature of our study programs gives the premises of high-skilled young graduates which can have several job opportunities from many different business related and IT related domains.

We have young graduates enrolled as Phd students in different domains as: business (New York City University), Finance(Universite de Montreal), Computer Enginnering (George Washington University), Econometrics (Stuttgart University), Informational Systems (Edinburg University) and so on.

Another several number of our graduate students have been hired by international companies in Canada, USA, Hungary, Germany, France, Australia. Others are in top-management positions or in good positions in prestigious companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia, Emerson working in Romania or in other countries.

The study program is oriented to theoretical and practical aspects of the two domains: economics and computer science sustained by solid technological resources (400 PCs in 20 laboratories), software products and knowledge database access. Foreign languages have a key role in student’s educational program , regarding the strong internationalization aspect of the domain.

Our master’s programs are completing the bachelor programs . We currently offer 2 master’s programs in the field of Decision Making and E-Business. Those who are interested in the research field they can continue their studies with a doctoral program.